About the Eng Family Benevolent Association

The Eng Family Benevolent Association is an organization dedicated to the mutual benefits of the members of the Eng/Ng/Wu Family. It is a place for the members to bond, support, socialize, learn from each others experiences, and perpetuate our Eng Family identity by continuing the customs and traditions of the old country. The Association also encourages, promotes and fosters activities and interest that will aid, assist and benefit the public at large and cooperate with other organizations and agencies having similar purposes and objectives.

To be a member of the Eng Family Benevolent Association your surname must be symbolized by the Chinese Character 伍.

Ng is the Cantonese pronunciation of the family name. In Mandarin, the name is Wu. Since Ng has no vowel, many in the United States had change the spelling to either Eng or Ing.

The history of the Eng Family dates back to the 700 BC in the Chu Kingdom, present day Hunan and Hubei province of China. At the time, this period was known as the "Spring & Auturm Period," 770 to 476 B.C.. During this period of time, China was fragmented into many kingdoms. Mutual distrust between kingdoms and warring among kingdoms was a common occurance. Loyal advisor with great wisdom was highly respected and valued. Wu Can (Ng Tom) was a trusted confident of the King. For his service he was awarded a large land grant in an area known as Wu (Ng) for his valued service. Wu Can and his relatives settled in the area and adopted the family of Wu (Ng). Since Wu Can, the Wu (Ng) family had flourished for over 80 generations.