Eng Family Benevolent Assn L.A. Parent's Day Luncheon

June 5 is not the official National Parent's Day, but it is the day of the Eng Family Benevolent Association Los Angeles' 2016 Parent's Day Luncheon! Please join our hosts, the Next Generation Group, and event co-sponsor, the Women's Group of the Eng Family Assn, in celebrating all of our parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents. Lunch starts promptly at noon, and seats are only $5 for all. Let us know you will join us to make this popular annual event another success!


  • When: Sunday, June 5 at 12 PM in PDT
  • Where: Golden Dragon Restaurant, 960 N Broadway, Los Angeles

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Hoi-Nin Potluck Luncheon (Feb 14th)

The Eng Family Association LA chapter will be hosting its annual Chinese New Year luncheon. Luncheon will be held at the association headquarters at Chinatown. Stop by as we bless our offerings to our ancestor and celebrate the year of the monkey!


2014 Eng Family Benevolent Assn Scholarship Program [羅省伍胥山公所二零一四年度獎學金]

2014 Eng Family Benevolent Association Scholarship Program


Eng Family Benevolent Association will grant cash-based scholarships in 2014 to students who demonstrate academic merit, with a maximum of $100 awarded per student. In addition to this standard scholarship, this year applicants are asked to participate in a “Giving Circle”.  The “Giving Circle” will be an optional community service component to the scholarship. Students will work together collaboratively as a group on a community service project from start to finish. This model encourages students to develop skills in the areas of brainstorming, decision-making, responsibility, and execution while working as a team.  The “Giving Circle” ties into an important value of the organization mission as a benevolent organization.

There is an opportunity for all ages to be involved in a giving circle and we are excited to pilot this project idea for the first time. Communication with younger applicants will take place directly with their parents.   The “Giving Circle” project will take place throughout the Summer-Early Fall. 

Eligibility: Either one of the applicant’s parents must be a valid current member of the Eng Family Association of Los Angeles and be a student between 1st-12th grade.  Applications must be mailed to Eng Family Benevolent Association, 418 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA  90012 or by e-mail to .  Please see application for scholarship details.

How to Apply: Contact for application or submit completed application to our Association.

Application Deadlines:  

Giving Circle Project: April 15, 2014. You will be contacted in early May to begin project.

Cash-based Scholarship: Thursday, July 31, 2014




羅省伍胥山公所二零一四年獎學金程序包括頒發現金予成績優異的學生,最高額為每人一百元。此外我們鼓勵申請者參加一項名為〝樂善參與〞之非強制性計劃。申請學生將與其他申請者組合,一起參與一個社區服務計劃。此合作模式旨在鼓勵學生在團隊合作過程中得以發展集思廣益、決策、承擔及執行的能力,同時亦符合伍胥山公所英文名稱中”Benevolent” ,即〝樂善好施〞之使命。




申請資格: 申請者必須為一至十二年級學生,其父親或母親必須為本公所會員(巳繳付本年度會費者) 方為合格。申請表遞交截止日期為二零一四年四月十五日,以郵政或電郵遞交均可。請逕寄Eng Family Benevolent Association, 418 Cottage Home Street, Los Angeles, CA  90012或用電郵寄往 詳情請参閱獎學金申報表。


申請方法: 請聯絡 或將填妥的申請表遞交公所。



〝樂善參與〞計劃: 二零一四年四月十五日,我們將會在五月上旬聯絡申請者  


現金獎學金: 二零一四年七月三十一日(星期四)                                                                         



2013 羅省伍胥山公所度獎學金頒發日 Los Angeles Eng Family Benevolent Association Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Video of Scholarship Awards Ceremony



2014 Roster


Los Angeles Eng Family Association Roster



President-主席:  Stanley Ng, 澤全 

Vice president-副主席:  Richard Ng,子行 & Wayne C. Ng, 永昌

Chinese Secretary-中文書記:  Zhou Bang Wu, 卓邦, Benjarmin Ng,

 English Secretary-西文書記:  Jack Ng 尚斌    Assistant, :  Nancy Ng, 壽鵬夫人

Treasurer-財政:  Sam Wu, 胜,  Assistant, 副, 璇廣

Auditors-核數: Tenny Ng 俠山,  Richard Ng 子行

Entertainment Committee Chair-康樂組長: Sandy Ng 競群夫人.  秀嫻

Women Committee Chair-婦女部長: Helen Ng 朝藻夫人

Building Committee Chair-樓業管理委員會主任:  Mary Eng, 禮瀚夫人  

NGG Chair-青年(NGG) 部長: Darren Ng, 偉業         

Scholarship Committee Chair-獎學基金委員會主任:  Janice Chow Ng


A complete list of officers will be posted at a later date.