Los Angeles Chapter Update (11/11/2017)
Thursday, November 16, 2017 at 8:21PM
World Eng Family Benevolent Association in Los Angeles

Dear Eng Family Members:

This is a Special Notice regarding very important and festive Association events that are coming up in December this year. We ask that you join us for the following events:

  1. This year, 2017, is the 25th anniversary for our current Association building in Los Angeles Chinatown built in 1992, and the 40th anniversary of the founding of our Association in Los Angeles in 1977. To celebrate these milestones, on Sunday, December 17, 2017 we will have a noontime ceremony at the Association building followed by a banquet in the evening at 6pm at the Golden Dragon Restaurant in Los Angeles Chinatown. At the banquet, we will also be honoring people who were instrumental to the building of our Association meeting hall including National Eng Family Benevolent Association Senior Advisor, Thomas Ng, and our own Past-President and Advisor, Pang Ng, as well as a founding member, May Toy Poy (Ivy).

    Let us Engs come together, whether you are an active and inactive member, all of our Eng aunties, and your family and friends, to celebrate these Association anniversaries. We need your support to ensure our banquet is a great success! The banquet cost will be $20 per person, $15 for children from age 5 to 17, to help defray the banquet expense.

    Please let us know you will be coming by calling one of our presidents: Wayne (English only), Sam (Chinese only), or Amy (Chinese only), or send email to: engfamilyassn.la@gmail.com

  2. The Association’s annual Holiday lunch celebrating the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, hosted bythe NGG group, will be held on Sunday, December 3, 2017 at noontime. The NGG group will be serving traditional turkey and other fixings.

    After lunch, elections for the 2018 Association officers and committee chairs will be conducted. Please note that only current dues paying members are eligible to vote. If you have not yet paid your dues, please kindly pay your annual dues of $10 at the meeting if you have not already paid this year.

    Recommended nominees for the 2018 officers and committee chairs were discussed by the Board of Directors at the quarterly meeting held on October 15, 2017. The recommended nominees were announced at the monthly general meeting on November 5, 2017 and the floor was opened to any additional nominations. The final slate of nominees for the 2018 Association board of officers are listed below. Since only the President position has more than one nominee, the election for that position will be conducted by secret ballot. All other officer and committee chair positions will be voted on by majority voice/hand vote.

    Nominees for President:
    Amy Ng (current Vice President)
    Sam Guoseng Wu (current Vice President and Treasurer)

    Nominees for other officer and committee chair positions:

Chinese Secretary - Kin Wai Ng English Secretary – To Be Determined Treasurer – To Be Determined

Building Committee Chair – Wayne C. Ng
Women’s Group Chair – June Wu
Scholarship Committee Chairs – Darren Ng & Wayne C. Ng NGG (Next Generation Group) Chair – Darren Ng

We hope you have had a good year and hope to see you all at our future meetings and events in the new year.

Wayne C., President

Amy and Sam, Vice Presidents 





兹 奉上特別重要通告如下,乃有關我公所成立四十週年慶祝及下年度交替選舉,敬祈各位宗親參與投入為盼:

(1) 按本年度 2017 年正好是我們公所大樓於 1992 建樓落成二十五週年,及 1977 年創立公所以來四十週年。正好雙喜 臨門大好日子,實在令人興奮,我們已訂定在本年十二月十七日星期日大肆舉行歡樂隆重慶祝活動。中午在公所誌慶 典禮,跟著當天晚上於華埠金龍酒樓晚宴,席間表掦勞苦功高對我公所建樓及創會建樹良多的宗親,包括美西總顧問 璇燦宗長, 羅省胥山公所顧問伍啟鵬,和創會顧問新倫夫人。

請各位伍氏宗親、嬸姆叔伯,姑嫂叔伯,踴躍參與和邀請親友齊齊共慶大典。為幫補減輕大會支出,事非得巳,晚宴 餐費略酌收成人每位二十圓正、十八歳以下人仕每位僅付十五圓正。四歲以下免费,懇請祈為亮察,謝謝。

本公所歡迎大家光臨。 訂購餐桌或座位,敬請電話聯絡我們,聯絡人仕如下:永昌 (英文)、 國勝 (中文)及 雁娟 (中文)。

(2) 每年十二月期間,是假日,歡樂慶祝開心的大好日子,本公所并合聖誕、感恩節一起聯歡,今年一如既往 ,訂定十 二月三日星期天中午在我們公所由 NGG 青年組負責安排,傳統火鷄及各項美食等項目,不勝枚舉。敬請踴躍參 與,萬勿錯過。

當天午餐過後,本公所二零一八年度主席選舉事項隨即展開,來年度各部門 職員,組長,正副主席等,一鎚定 音,齊齊在當天一併選出。另祈為留意,有關本公所選舉事宜及按法例規訂,凡參加選舉者包括提名或被提名人, 參選被選及投票選舉者。必須為本公所登記為合法會員者方可合法參與選舉活動資格。若是有遣漏者,請當天在場 補譤會費拾圓正,隨即辦理妥當。諸位宗親,請特別留意上述事項。

在拾月拾伍日季度理事會會議上提出並通過,獲提名參選者名單在隨後拾壹月月會上公告並期待增柵,最後訣議 貳零壹捌年年度候選人名單如后。唯獨因本公所參選來屈主席提名者超過壹位,故屆時要在場參與投票一眾會員, 以不記名方式,投出神聖一票,選出明年度主席。另其他各部門職員等職位,將以舉手或附和聲音強弱多寡來決定。

伍雁娟 (現任副主席)。 伍國勝 (現任副主席及財政)

其他各部門職員及主任領導人等: 中文書記祕書 - 伍堅偉 英文書記祕書 -待決
財政部主任- 待決

樓業部 - 伍永昌
婦女部主任 - 伍碧荷
獎學金主任 - 伍偉業。及 伍永昌
NGG 青年部主任 - 伍偉業


主席 永昌
副主席 雁娟, 國勝


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