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The Eng Family Benevolent Association is an organization dedicated to the mutual benefits of the members of the Eng Family. It is a place for the members to bond, support, socialize, learn from each other's experiences, and perpetuate our Eng Family identity by continuing the customs and traditions of the old country. The Association also encourages, promotes and fosters activities and interests that will aid, assist and benefit the public at large and cooperate with other organizations and agencies having similar purposes and objectives.



Welcome the Year of the Horse  馬年行好運


Wish You a Happy Lunar New Year


The Year of the Horse






Happy New Year, 恭 賀 新 禧





     總顧問:           煥鵬    璇燦

美東總長:      健生(支城) 

美東副總長:    藉沛 (紐約) 

美西總長:        元贊 (大埠)

美西副總長:       尚齊 (羅省) 

:                  覺良 璇燦   伯祥      飛輝   璇廣 錦富 福邦

                               育俊   達斌 榮瑞 競群 伯和 健平 銳廣   權碩

                               柱鈞   健源  俠山   

U.S. National Eng Family Benevolent Association

  Eastern Regional Grand President:   Kenny Ng  of Chicago

  Western Regional Grand President:  Yuen-Don Ng of San Francisco 

  Eastern Regional Grand V. President:  Johnny Ng of New York 

  Western Regional Grand V. President:  Wayne S. Ng of Los Angeles



2014 Spring Banquet Schedule 美國各公所春宴日期



Spring Banquet Schedule, U.S. Chapters

                  西雅圖     Seattle                     02/15/2014

                    紐約       New York                  02/16/2014

                  三藩市    San Francisco        03/01/2014

                  波士頓     Boston                      03/16/2014

                 芝加哥    Chicago           03/16 or 17/2014

                   羅省       Los Angeles            03/23/2014 

                       美京   Washington, DC     03/23/2014


2013年, 全美第十六屆懇親代表大會簡訊, The Sixteenth National Convention Briefing

2013 年懇親代表大會簡訊

全美伍胥山公所第十六屆懇親代表大會如期於八月廿四日至廿六日在美東之紐約華埠隆重舉行。來自美西之大埠、舍路、羅省、美東之紐約、美京、波城 及支城 的代表和寶眷約有一百五十多人。尚有廿多名僑領參加觀禮,包括來自波城、支城、大埠、羅省、鳳凰城及紐約之黃氏兄弟及洪門致公堂,協勝公會、安良工商會、紐約中華會館及廣東台山市之祝賀團。


 美東 -- 正:健生(支城) 、副:藉沛 (紐約) ;美西 --正:元贊 (大埠) 、副:尚齊 (羅省)

銳賢、國強兩位卸任總長隨即榮陞為全美元老,而卸任美東副總長毅文亦升為全美顧問,真可喜賀!最後在大會閉幕前又得到全體代表通過,下一屆 (第十七屆)  全美 懇親大會將由總公所接辦,於2017年在美西大埠舉行。






                                       Briefing on 2013 National Convention    

The 16th National Convention of the Eng Family Benevolent Association in U.S. was held in New York from August 24th to August 26th. Converging in Chinatown for this grand event were over 150 Eng delegates and family members from San Francisco, Seattle and Los Angeles in the West, New York, Washington D.C., Boston and Chicago.in the East.  Also, over 20 invited guests from Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix and New York attended the grand opening ceremony, among them were several Wong brothers and representatives of the Chinese Freemasons Association, Hip Sing Tong Association, On Leung Merchants & Labor Association, Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association, as well as several Eng brothers from the Taishan region of Quangdong Province, China.


For three days, the delegates and families dined together and met often to renew kinship and chart a new course for the Eng Family Associations in the U.S.  Under the guidance and leadership of Senior Advisors Eddie and Thomas, President of the World Eng Association Peter,  Grand-Presidents Eric and Kwok-Keung, Vice G-P

Yuen Don, and all the elders, and armed with the spirit of brotherhood and unity, the meetings went on smoothly without a hitch. By noontime of August 26th and after several hours of reporting, discussions and proposals, the delegates elected the following national leadership team:

 Eastern Region – Grand-President: Kenney Ng (Chicago), Vice Grand-President: Johnny Ng (N.Y.)

      Western Region – Grand-President Yuen Don Ng, (S.F.), Vice Grand-President: Wayne S. Ng (L.A.)

 Following the election, the two outgoing Grand-Presidents, Eric and Kwok-Keung,, were immediately elevated to be National Elders, while the outgoing Vice Grand-President (East), Victor, became a National Advisor.  Congratulations to all are in order!  Prior to the closing ceremony that followed, the delegates reached a unanimous decision to designate San Francisco in the West as the host city for the 17th National Convention in 2017.

 Finally, this once every four years national event came to a successful and happy conclusion.  On the 27th, all the delegates and their families who traveled from out-of-town began to depart New York for home or for post-convention tours.  We will meet again in four years in San Francisco!

Benjamin Ng (Los Angeles)

Sept 9, 2013





Congratulations to Peter Ng of Los Angeles, CA, 祝賀: 元老伍竸群

 :   全美伍胥山公所元老伍竸群連任世界伍氏宗親會理事長!

Congratulations to Peter Ng of Los Angeles,Ca, he was reelected President of the World Eng Family Benevolent Association during the October 2011 World Convention

世界伍胥山公所仝人!                                                                                                                                  Best wishes from all the Engs/Ngs/Wu's