Wu Zixu Memorial Garden At Suzhou




In November 2006, the Wu Zixu Memorial Garden was dedicated to honor our Ancestral Father, Wu Zixu, a great warrior and statesman. He is revered by the people through out the Suzhou region and the Eng's through out the World. Log on to "Legend of Ng Zisui" for his biography.

Ground breaking Ceremony of the Wu Zixu Memorial Garden was held in Suzhou on October 30, 2004. In two short years the Memorial Garden was completed and dedicated in November, 2006. The project was financed by the generosity of the Government of The People's Republic of China and donations from people, various Eng Family Associations and their members throught out the world. The Chinese Government contributed over $5,000,000 US while approximately $100,000 US was donated to the project by many Eng Associations, members and friends.